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Re: Ink.app bug report

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: Re: Ink.app bug report
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2001 00:49:13 +0100

Dennis Leeuw wrote:
> Using GWorkspace and double clicking on a .txt file nicely opens
> Ink.app, the file is editable but also opens the README file, which is
> not what I want, and I think not what should be default behaviour.

This is not a bug, this was supposed to be a feature to keep the
behaviour of the old Edit.app. But I see that nobody will need the
information in that file and will remove the loading in the next release

> Another problem is then when I select New Document is that it opens a
> new document, but I can not start writing. When I select the window and
> type a letter all it says is <beep> ;)
This problem is a bit harder, it comes with the new behaviour of the
NSTextView. You also get this, if you delete all the text in an existing
text view. This works fine for non-scrolling text views, but for
scrollable the input mark is no longer displayed. I hope that Nicola
will have a look at that, as he is now working on that class.


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