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Re: Idea 1: A HTML browser

From: Pedro Ivo Andrade Tavares
Subject: Re: Idea 1: A HTML browser
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2001 23:35:41 -0300

At 17:45 18/2/2001, Kim Shrier wrote:
You can always write C functions around the C++ code and then invoke
the C functions from Objective C.  It's tedious but it works.

Actually, there's an easier solution: Most objects in Mozilla are actually declared in XPCOM (Cross-Platform Component Object Model) and implemented in C++. It's something like CORBA, where there's an IDL definition of the object, which is "compiled" by a tool (xpidl) into interface and implementation skeleton files.

So, if we build XPCOM support for ObjC, and a xpidl-to-ObjC tool, we can call all objects in Mozilla from ObjC. Unfortunately, I don't know of XPCOM support for any language other than C++, and it seems to be a complex undertaking.

Pedro Ivo Tavares

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