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NSTextField (again)

From: Dirk Lattermann
Subject: NSTextField (again)
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 14:09:05 +0200
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I investigated a bit more into my NSTextField problem mentioned in
my last posting some days ago.

I figured out that I can subclass NSTextField overriding the
becomeFirstResponder: message of NSResponder. This works, the
message is invoked when I click into the text field.
Is this the best/only way to achieve this? In other words,
do I have to subclass NSTextField when I want to be notified
if someone clicks on it?

I experimented with setAction:, but the action message is sent
to the target only when the return key is pressed, regardless of
what I set with sendActionOn:.

I am completely puzzled.

On top of that, is it a known bug that the NSTextField's delegate
doesn't receive the control: textShouldBeginEditing: message?

Please, can someone shed some light on this? Thank you very much.

Dirk Lattermann

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