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GNUMail hangs

From: Scott A. Guyer
Subject: GNUMail hangs
Date: Sat, 21 Sep 2002 23:41:08 -0400
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Hi there,

  I'm running GNUMail (latest release) and
can't get it to read from the local mail 
spool file.  I configured a UNIX service
through the Preferences dialog.  And
configure it to download mail in the 
Local/Inbox folder.  Then, whenever I
click "Get" button on the folder view,
it just spins the gnustep symbol and 
won't respond to user events.  The mail
in /var/mail/user file never shows up in
the inbox.

I attempted to debug using gdb and setting
breakpoints in LocalMailDelivery.m methods.
No breakpoint was ever triggered.

I'm asking for any help with the following...
(1) Tips/tricks for setting up local spool
mail with GNUMail.
(2) Tips for debugging objective C applications.


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