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Re: Environment variables & shared libobjc, building with

From: Nicola Pero
Subject: Re: Environment variables & shared libobjc, building with
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2002 05:04:26 +0100 (BST)

> Hello GNUsteppers, I am installing GNUstep for the first time, and
> have some questions. Currently looking at gnustep-make-1.5.0
> (unstable)...
> * What is the true meaning of the GNUSTEP_SYSTEM_ROOT variable? The
> gnustep-make install instructions make it out to be the top-level of
> the directory structure, but the GNUstep-HOWTO specifies it as the
> System directory under that one.
> i.e., I passed --prefix=/home/sc87/opt/GNUstep to gnustep configure,
> and got this output:
> checking for GNUSTEP_SYSTEM_ROOT to use... /home/sc87/opt/GNUstep/System
> checking for GNUSTEP_LOCAL_ROOT to use... /home/sc87/opt/GNUstep/Local
> checking for GNUSTEP_NETWORK_ROOT to use... /home/sc87/opt/GNUstep/Network
> While the GNUstep-HOWTO says I would need to pass
> --prefix=/home/sc87/opt/GNUstep/System for this effect. I would like
> to know so I don't mess up on setting environment variables in my
> .bash_profile.

Thanks - the GNUstep-HOWTO was incorrect ... I rewrote that part.  I
wonder why nobody noticed it up to now.

> * How do I get gnustep-make to recognize that I am using a shared
> libobjc, not a static one? I compiled gcc with --enable-shared, objc
> in my languages, and indeed it placed a libobjc.so.1.0.0 in my libdir,
> /home/sc87/lib. This is in my LD_LIBRARY_PATH. However, configure says
> checking for shared objc library... NONE

Yes ... The message is misleading ... it's checking for a 'custom shared
objc library' - not for the standard shared objc library shipped with the
compiler - a 'custom shared objc library' meant to override the compiler's
one requires special treatment.

If it's the compiler's one (your case), it should all work automatically
without any special stuff. :-)

Just configure/compile gnustep-base, then you can run 'ldd' on any
gnustep-base Tool to make sure/check that the shared libobjc was used.

Anyway, I changed the message to be 'checking for custom shared objc
library ...'.

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