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Thoughts on GNUStep without X11?

From: Jon Martin
Subject: Thoughts on GNUStep without X11?
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2002 23:59:32 -0400

I know it may be silly, but I have to ask. Has anyone considered integrating GNUStep with Linux or *BSD, but instead of using X11, accessing the framebuffer device directly in using something like GGI?

Ok, here's my reasoning: I absolutely hate X11. I'm not a crank -- I've been using X11 for years on just about every different platform. Even on my SubBlade at work the GUI seem less than responsive. Maybe that's because X11 was invented too long ago, or maybe because it runs in user-space, who knows. I'd imagine that bypassing X and talking directly to the framebuffer would make the OS feel much smoother. Or maybe you'd have to port a Display Postscript library to talk directly to the Framebuffer.

I don't think this sounds too far-fetched -- Mac OS-X is a cousin of NextStep, and doesn't use X11, so why not?


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