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gdb-5.2.1 and objc patches

From: Scott A. Guyer
Subject: gdb-5.2.1 and objc patches
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 10:26:44 -0400
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Is there anyone else out there who has applied the
objective c patches from ftp.gnu.org site to the
5.2.1 release of gdb?  I'm referring to the patches
in gdb-5.1-objc.patch.  They seemed to patch in
ok (a few minor tweaks, or so I think) and then
the build went ok.  Unfortunately, some symbols 
aren't exposed in debugger.  So I can't set breakpoints.
Example to clarify...

* In plain-jane gdb, I can find and break on symbols
like _i_ClassName__method.  Tab completion even works
to list out all possible matches.

* In objc-gdb on same application, that same symbol
will not be their.  Nor will it's counterpart,
[ClassName method:].

So, I'm stuck with two choices..
(1) use plain-jane gdb and not be able to see my source code.
(2) use objc gdb and not be able to break on symbols.

Both cramp my debugging style ;-)

Or, could it be (quite possibly), user error?  How are 
folks debugging out their?  Are we reverting to that old
mainstay of copious logging?


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