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Re: gdb-5.2.1 and objc patches

From: Richard Frith-Macdonald
Subject: Re: gdb-5.2.1 and objc patches
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 15:44:58 +0100

On Wednesday, September 25, 2002, at 03:26 PM, Scott A. Guyer wrote:

Is there anyone else out there who has applied the
objective c patches from ftp.gnu.org site to the
5.2.1 release of gdb?  I'm referring to the patches
in gdb-5.1-objc.patch.  They seemed to patch in
ok (a few minor tweaks, or so I think) and then
the build went ok.  Unfortunately, some symbols
aren't exposed in debugger.  So I can't set breakpoints.

I never got that patch to work satisfactorily for me either.

Example to clarify...

* In plain-jane gdb, I can find and break on symbols
like _i_ClassName__method.  Tab completion even works
to list out all possible matches.

* In objc-gdb on same application, that same symbol
will not be their.  Nor will it's counterpart,
[ClassName method:].

So, I'm stuck with two choices..
(1) use plain-jane gdb and not be able to see my source code.
(2) use objc gdb and not be able to break on symbols.

Both cramp my debugging style ;-)

Or, could it be (quite possibly), user error?  How are
folks debugging out their?  Are we reverting to that old
mainstay of copious logging?

Adam posted a patch for (nearly) current CVS version of gdb
to this list recently, and this patch has been submitted for
inclusion in gdb.  This patch works fine for me ... the
problems I have with the latest gdb patched with it are,
as far as I know, general problems with the current gdb code
rather than anything objc specific.

You could look in the mailing list archive and grab the patch.

If you can't find it there you could ask me or Adam to email it
to you.

Or perhaps the patch has even made it in to the gdb CVS already
(though I doubt that).

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