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Re: Class documentation templates (in autogsdoc)

From: Richard Frith-Macdonald
Subject: Re: Class documentation templates (in autogsdoc)
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2002 17:17:44 +0000

On Wednesday, November 13, 2002, at 08:06  pm, Stefan Urbanek wrote:


I do not like the current layout of generated class html files. I would like to:
- add some css
- remove the author from the top - it is not necessary to have it there, better thing wuold be to have one 'credits' file or to have all authors in the top documentation file
- put the copyright to the bottom
- remove the 'Contents' section from class documentation

How can I specify a template for a class.html file? Or is there some other way how I can do that?

Moreover, how can I get rid of parenthesis around protocol names in the protocol index?

By all means add template support to the AGSHtml class (shouldn't be too hard ... I did spend some time thinking abut how it might be done), but please leave the default layout largely as it is,
as it's designed (meaning I thought about it) for GNUstep.

We have author information in each file, because the GNUstep libraries have lots of authors and they should be given credit for their individual pieces of work. I've seen that stated as quite a
definite fsf policy, and I agree with it.

We have copyright at the top simply because that's conventional in most GNU documentation I've seen ... however, I don't think there is an actual gnu policy on this, so it could be changed.

We have a contents section in classes because the GNUstep libraries have a lot of categories (though it would make sense to omit it in the case where a file contains nothing but the class

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