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Re: Problems with latest back and base

From: Andreas Heppel
Subject: Re: Problems with latest back and base
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2002 12:21:42 +0100

On 2002-11-25 11:45:10 +0100 Frederic De Jaeger <address@hidden> wrote:

Andreas> Hi,
Andreas> I have a problem compiling gnustep-back 0.8.3. The compiler complains
Andreas> about not knowing the symbol  GLX_RGBA_TYPE in x11/XGGLContext.m
Andreas> Digging aroung in my system showed that this name was defined in
Andreas> GL/glxext.h, but it seems to be the wrong version. What do I need
Andreas> here? Can OpenGL support be switched off somehow? Did I miss any
Andreas> recommended reading?

It means that your header (glx.h) is an old version ( <= 1.2 ).
The configure script should check the version of the header.
Currently, it doesn't.  I will fix it in the cvs.

Thanks. Which version do I have to use then? I have checked and it looks like I have version 1.3 here. At least there is a define GLX_VERSION_1_3 set to 1.



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