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[Q[ Text Drawing in ART backend...

From: NeXT
Subject: [Q[ Text Drawing in ART backend...
Date: Tue, 04 Nov 2003 14:54:30 +0900


I've found that drawString:... and drawGlyphs: in ftfont.m in art backend is correct. And also found that these methods are not used for every text drawing... So, my conclusion is that drawXXX methods are correct and I have to search other places to solve or find a clue for text drawing problem... Further search let me know that NSStringDrawing.m in GUI is responsible for it. Any documentation for this text drawing mechanism available ? And here comes another trivial question; do most people using GNUstep just uses plain x11 backend, instead of art ? So they are not aware of text drawing problem ? Or is it that hard to resolve this problem? On my system plain x11 backend is too slow...

Thanks in advance.

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