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opengl backend, mascot.

From: Jim Fowler
Subject: opengl backend, mascot.
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2003 00:20:07 -0600
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> And here comes another trivial question; do most people using
> GNUstep just uses plain x11 backend, instead of art ? So they are
> not aware of text drawing problem ? Or is it that hard to resolve
> this problem? On my system plain x11 backend is too slow...

Is there any hope for an opengl backend (like quartz---i absolutely
love apple's "expose" and wish desperately that my box would do the
same)?  i've heard of nuvu using directfb, but i don't know the status
of that project.

[and as for a mascot, i'd vote for a prairie dog; they've got black
xor white tails, they've got these incredible underground communities,
and they send messages to each other (with pleasant honking noises).]


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