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RE: Developer Directory

From: Rogelio Serrano
Subject: RE: Developer Directory
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2003 18:40:57 -0800 (PST)

I mean binutils, gcc, and binutils and other software needed to build
all these from source.
Right now i have all the unix tools in /bin, /usr/bin etc. Its because
these are the invariants when bootstrapping all these from source. It
does not make sense and its non trivial to customise all the scripts and
hard coded paths to the gnustep layout. 

It seems easy to put all these in the /System or /Local. I tried
"porting" glibc shared libraries to /System and it was very
straightforward using a custom configparm. The shared libs went to
/System/Library/Libraries the headers in /System/Library/Headers and
tools in /System/Tools. I even put the config files in /System/Settings.
And if the gnustep makefiles are in /System i dont need to grok autoconf
ever again. the same can also be done with binutils and gcc. Its only
the bootstrap of the whole toolchain that requires the traditional unix
layout. After the self contained toolchain is built we can retarget
glibc dynamic linker to live in /System/Library/Libraries and for the
binutils ld to look for libraries in the the proper openstep locations.

The other reason i did not try to port all the traditional unix tools
to the gnustep filesystem standard is because it is a potentially a
"fork" of the linux system that is going to create another variant of
"linux" that will be incompatible with all the rest.

--- "Adam Fedor" <address@hidden> wrote:

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Rogelio M.Serrano Jr. [mailto:address@hidden
> I agree after trying it out myself. I think the present layout is ok. 
> Where should the
> toolchain go then? In /Local or /System or /usr/bin?

I'm not sure what you mean by toolchain.  If it's something that is meant to be 
'distributed' with GNUstep, then it should go in /System, but if it is some 
add-on installed by the admin, it should go in /Local 

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