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ProjectCenter development plans

From: Serg Stoyan
Subject: ProjectCenter development plans
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2003 21:37:12 +0200


As a current ProjectCenter maintainer, I want to share with you PC
development issues. Here it is:

First of all, 0.3.x branch development stopped, only bug fixes will be
added. There is unstable 0.4.x branch, I'm working on now. The road map
of PC development IMHO, is the following:

- major refactoring and code cleanup. Frankly speaking, I'm deeply in this
  process for a couple of month. This is important step as creating
  basement for further development. I'm trying not to add new features
  where it is appropriate in favour of polishing PC structure, objects'
  interacting and so on;
- add subprojects support;
- finish all projects, file, subprojects, makefiles, handling part;
- finish Project Inspector;
- finish Project History (Loaded Files) part;
- i think at this step, after testing, 0.4.0 could be released. At
  this point PC should have functionality sufficient to create, modify,
  compile projects;

After 0.4.0 there is a bunch of things to do. Among them:
- finish preferences;
- finish Project Builder;
- finish Project Launcher/Debugger (this is a large part);
- start merging or interacting with CodeEditor, and other editors;
- discuss and implement interaction with Gorm;
- at some point, port it to MacOS X (do we need this?);
- and so on...

Of course, this is a preliminary plan and can be changed later.

Another big problem is lack of good looking icons. Can anybody create icons
for ProjectCenter? Or maybe we can use NeXT ProjectBuilder's icons as a
temporary decision?

Serg Stoyan

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