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Re: Speaking of NSTabView...

From: thisguyisi
Subject: Re: Speaking of NSTabView...
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003 20:54:04 -0800
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Michael Hanni wrote:

--- Alex Perez <address@hidden> wrote:
What ever happened to the new NSTabView implementation that Michael 
Hanni was working on? Did this ever get completely finished? If not, 
would anyone be willing to finish the code Michael had so kindly 

Basically there are two major things left in my patch:

1.) Write some drawing code for each side of the tabs that scales nicely and
looks good. I've tried to do this, but for whatever reason it hasn't worked.

2.) Implement the "more tabs than space" solution.

The code already handles sizing and tabs in all four directions. Plus it makes
some other small fixes here and there -- though that may be outweighed by new
bugs introduced here and there. ;-)

If someone is interested in following up on this please feel free to email me.
Otherwise, in mid-December I'll be free once again to do some hacking...




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Hello Michael,

I don't know how far you've looked into the "more tabs than space" problem, but one possible model is Mozilla Firebird, with the Tabbrowser Extension loaded. From a visual standpoint, anyway. When there are more tabs than will fit on screen, a scrollbar pops up beneath the row of tabs, and the view scales to make room for the new scrollbar.

This visual behavior fits in with GNUstep as it follows the same behavior that Preferences.app does when there are more icons than will fit in the window; a scrollbar appears below the icons to allow you to access the icons outside the current view. The only difference, of course, is this deals with an array of tabs, rather than an array of icons.

I'm suggesting this as a solution, because when the scrollbar first popped up under the row of tabs while browsing with Mozilla Firebird, I thought, "Hey... How NeXT-ish. Cool!"

My two cents,

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