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Re: ObjC and speed for Smalltalk interpretation

From: Travis Griggs
Subject: Re: ObjC and speed for Smalltalk interpretation
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003 10:34:13 -0800
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Stefan Urbanek wrote:
Hi all,

I have a question:

Currently the Smalltalk interpreter for StepTalk is using bytecodes. Basically they are pop, push, send, return and few others. I was thinking about another solution, and that is to compile into some kind of command-object hierarchy (reflecting source code) isntead of bytecodes and execute it command by command by sending it a message. I think, that some optimalisations can be done using that kind of execution, however, i am not expert in that and therefore I would like to ask you.

For example: command MessageSendCommand with method: executeInContext:environment:receiver:

Perhaps some message sends (fetching a bytecode, object manipulation, ...) can be saved with that... Or not? I think that CommandObjects can adapt to the execution process to create kind of speed up (caching per command in loops for example).

What is better way to go?



Have you asked in any of the Smalltalk forums. As an (ardent Smalltalk) lurking in this list, I find your project really interesting. I wonder what some of the hard core VM engineers wouldn't have some ideas for you. Names that come to mind, Eliot Miranda (VisualWorks VM guru), Vasilli Bykov (implemented ST80 BlueBook as an Smalltalk inside a Smalltalk and got faster than the original performance), John Brant (architect of one of the "Smalltalk in .net" environments), David Simmons (another of the "Smalltalk in .net" flavors, and a compiler guru in general), and many others. Post some of your questions at comp.lang.smalltalk maybe?

Travis Griggs
Key Technology
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