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Re: ImageApps - image tools for GNUstep

From: stefan
Subject: Re: ImageApps - image tools for GNUstep
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2003 09:08:17 +0100 (CET)
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> I continue to work on PhotoClip application that is designed to be a
> simple
> image editor. Something like an editing module of iPhoto.
i checked it out about two weeks ago. i think this can be a good
application one day. what i still missed is a document architecture
(having multiple documents open and have no empty window on startup).

> Right now I'm unable to (easily) save a rectangle from an existing image
> into
> another image file, and without that feature the application remains a
> demo
> toy. I wanted to wait with next release until this is done but now I think
> I
> might release the current stage that does rotation, rectangle selection
> and
> display the result of cropping.
yes please.

> Feel free to use the code and, more importantly, the ideas, if you find
> them
> worthy.
> ...
>> We appriciate any comments and suggestions.
> I have a different vision of the overall architecture. I think it's best
> to have just one application to sort things into folders, and this is
> file manager. A good file manager with large icons preview
> will do the job of Preview and Image Manager.
> KDE is already doing that, if we want to build upon the Workspace -
> fine, then it needs to be flexible enough to allow for preview and for
> some
> metadata display (e.g. size for images, duration for music clips etc.)

i really do not want to inflame another endless discussion. so the
following is just my personal opnion.
i really don't like the way kde/gnome are working with the overblown
all-in-one-i-can-do-everything-you-want apps formerly known as filemananger.
i use gnustep because it's different. i like the idea of having small
but dedicated applications focused on particular tasks. these applications
should ideally work together perfectly. a good concept for this is the
service concept where applications can provide their functionality
to other services).

btw: you already have a good preview facility through the content
inspector of GWorkspace. I think thumbnails in a filemanager are
eye-candy but worthless because they are simply too small).

again: that's just IMHO and i do not want to insult anyone. kde and
gnome a great parts of free software and made linux more popular. but
they are nothing new (IMHO, mostly windows clones with some improvements).
if i had the choice between making GNUstep a popular desktop for the masses
through adapting it to kde/gnome or let it be a desktop for a couple of
innovativ users i choose the last option.

thanks for reading this :-) sometimes, it comes over me.

> What remains is a good editor to launch when the user clicks on this
> preview icon :)
>> now renamed to ViewPDF to reflect the move
>> away from displaying anything to focus on PDF's only - but
>> this as best as possible :-)
> For that matter I think it's a very good move in right direction.
>> Camera:
> Same thoughts here. After plug-in the camera appears as a mounted file
> system
> full of files. You see them as icons and copy them as files. Again, this
> already works in KDE and I quite like it.
> That being said, I would like to encourage your effort even if you
> disagree
> :-) Now every gnustep application is Next step forward ;-)
full agree.

>> GOOD:
>> A library/application for (modern) diagramming.
> That's cool.


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