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Re: Summary: GNUstep make and frameworks

From: Andreas Höschler
Subject: Re: Summary: GNUstep make and frameworks
Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2004 15:37:08 +0100

By the way, the applications that are generated by GNUstep make have
the old format used on OPENSTEP. That's fine and they run ok on MacOSX,
though with a standard icon. Has anybody already written a small tool

Hmm. Mine dont run with a standard icon! Are you sure you have set up
the correct icns file for the application ? My makefile looks like this.

ifeq ($(FOUNDATION_LIB), gnu)
        Rattatosk_APPLICATION_ICON = squirrel.gif
        Rattatosk_RESOURCE_FILES += squirrel.gif
        ADDITIONAL_GUI_LIBS += -lRenaissance
        Rattatosk_APPLICATION_ICON = squirrel.icns
        Rattatosk_RESOURCE_FILES += squirrel.icns
        ADDITIONAL_INCLUDE_DIRS += -framework Renaissance
        ADDITIONAL_GUI_LIBS += -lz -framework Renaissance

...and that works fine. You neeed a separate icns file for use under OSC
but it definitely works properly.

I was missing the xxx_APPLICATION_ICON variable in my makefiles. I copied stuff from the Renaissance tools (the only foreign GNUstep application I have built o far) and this variable was not used there. So I didn't know about it. A list of all available variables for all makefile types would be very useful, preventing everyone from having to seek stuff together from dozens of examples over weeks.

Even the old application format works correctly on MacOSX now after adding this variable, so there is - does not seem to be - no need for extending GNUstep make.

Thanks a lot!



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