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Re: XML idea

From: richard
Subject: Re: XML idea
Date: Wed, 7 Jan 2004 09:50:23 +0000

On 6 Jan 2004, at 21:29, Alex Perez wrote:

On Tue, 6 Jan 2004, Pete French wrote:

There's no reason that a wrapper for NSXMLParser could be written which
could then be distributed with MPWXmlKit. NSXMLParser is an SAX-based
parser ONLY though.

I rather meant the other way round - GNUstep needs an implementation of
NSXMLParser somehow, does it not ? As I said, I dont like it, and it
has a lot of problems apparently, but in terms of keeping all the bits
in GNustep Foundation that are to be found in Cocoa Foundation its
necessary :-(
This is exactly what I was referring to. I think you misunderstood what I
meant. the GNUstep team has a policy of keeping XML stuff out of (or at
least totally optional in) GNUstep-base. The wrapper should be distributed
with MPWXmlKit.

I'm a bit confused by this ... GNUstep-base has had XML support built in
for years. It's optional in that it depends on libxml2, so it's not there if you don't have libxml2. It also builds standalone as part of the base additions
library, so you can use it on systems where you don't have the base
I think we *do* have a policy of not depending on any
external libraries if we can possibly avoid it, but XML support in base is
standard and was there well before Apple added their version.

So ...
SSL support depends on openssl and is not built if openssl is not available. XML support depends on libxml and is not built if libxml2 is not available. Various characterset support depends on iconv and is not built if it is not available.

I don't know about how others feel, but I think these standard features are sufficiently important that it might be worth making the configure process bomb out if the necessary libraries are not found (at present it just displays warnings) and have new configure options to let people force continuation
without the facilities if they really want to.

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