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ANN: ImageApps

From: stefan
Subject: ANN: ImageApps
Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2004 17:22:32 +0100 (CET)
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Hi all,

Today we announce our first release of ImageApps. ImageApps is a collection
of GNUstep applications and frameworks that are related to working with
image content (in the broadest sense). For more informations, have a look
at the ImageApps homepage http://mac.wms-network.de/gnustep/imageapps .

This release of ImageApps contains Preview 0.5, ViewPDF 0.8 (formerly
ViewIt), Camera 0.8 and ImageKits 0.5. For detailed informations about the
have a look at their dedicated pages (available via the ImageApps
homepage. Also contained is a first preview version of ImagesManager which
is an application to organize your images. This version is not usable, it
has been included to give people an idea of what this application looks like
and how it will work. GOOD is not included in the release, it is under
heavy development at the moment.

An archive that includes all released applications as well as ImageKits
is available under
A separate archive for each application is available from the ImageApps
homepage and the application specific pages.

For informations about how to compile and install the apps, have a look
at the INSTALL file in the Documentation directory of each application.
It is recommended to first compile and install ImageKits because this is
a prerequisite for Preview and ViewPDF. Camera requires a working
installation of libgphoto2 (http://gphoto.sourceforge.net/proj/libgphoto2/)
to compile and work.

If you are not using the latest version of GNUstep cvs, it is most likely
that PDFKit (included in ImageKits) compile will fail. There is a patch
to resolve this problem, for further informations and downloads please
look at

Your comments, suggestions, bug-reports and of course, patches, are

greets and happy gnustepping
Fabien, Frederic, Stefan

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