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Re: GNUstep.org (Sorry that I have to move this out of the

From: MJ Ray
Subject: Re: GNUstep.org (Sorry that I have to move this out of the
Date: 10 Jan 2004 12:30:42 GMT

Jason Clouse <address@hidden> wrote:
> I liked that new mockup too.  Much more modern web design.  But why 
> are the screenshots links?  And why do you only see a little bit of 
> the original shot when you do click on it?  Usually, small icons like 
> that are only decorative and don't link anywhere.

I think the idea is that the link will go to the full screenshot, but on
some pages we don't have the full screenshot (the one there was just meant
to be a mock-up) and on others we don't have a trimmed one (the one there
is a browser-scaled copy of the full thing). We'll fix that, in time. If
people could send me URLs of screenshots that I can copy and trim for the
site, that would really help. GWorkspace default blue desktop background
colour preferred.  (Please don't send me screenshots directly by email.)


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