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Re: DirectFB backend, I'm going for it!

From: Alexander Malmberg
Subject: Re: DirectFB backend, I'm going for it!
Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2004 14:22:24 +0100

Chad Hardin wrote:
> > In my opinion, the L&F has nothing to do with it. What is needed imho
> > are distributed notifications for some of the window's actions --
> > iconification comes to mind for example.
> > And it's not a problem limited to your DirectFB backend; the problem
> > is the same with others backends. For the moment, the only Dock which
> > works well is the WindowMaker's one, because it deals directly with
> > WindowMaker. If we want others well-working docks, we need a
> > cooperation
> > between the Dock and the window manager or whatever fits that role on
> > others backends; another (more direct) method to get the needed i
> > nformations, instead of a window manager cooperation, is effectively
> > for gnustep apps to send distributed notifications. It has nothing
> > to do with the type of Dock (eg, a NeXT-like dock, an OSX dock, or
> > even a panel)...
> I can see that.  Putting in notifications at the -gui level for
> everytime something like a window creation, minimize app launch, etc
> happens.  The dock, of whatever sort, can listen to these notifications
> and respond somehow.

But notifications aren't appropriate for all backends/'desktops'. The
display server interface between -back and -gui needs to be extended to
cover some of these things, but the inter-process/inter-app aspects of
this don't belong in -gui.

> I guess this would mean a new daemon or an extension of an existing
> one.  I guess it wouldn't affect anything if the apps are pumping out
> these messages, they can just be ignored I suppose, and windowmaker,
> kppanel, etc can just keep on doing what they do.
> Speaking of a new deamon, last time I looked,  [NSWorkspace
> -launchedApplications] only returned the applications which were
> launched *after* the calling app waas launched.  (It's supposed to
> return all launched applications).  This looks like daemon material.

Again, this depends on the backend/'desktop', and can't be solved in
-gui alone. It's something of an unresolved architecture problem in
-gui. I've been talking about a solution (or at least resolution :) in
#GNUstep for a while. I'll write something for the list.

> > BTW that doesn't answers another problem, which is how can we provide
> > "animated" iconapp -- currently the iconapp is simply a NSWindow and
> > you could draw in it, but that's doable because WindowMaker's Dock
> > directly handles the window ...
> i guess the app can broadcast that it changed the icon and then whoever
> cares can query what the new icon is?

But this doesn't really work when the app draws directly to the app icon
(no image), and does so several times each second.

- Alexander Malmberg

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