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Re: [Ann] Zipper 0.3

From: nicolas
Subject: Re: [Ann] Zipper 0.3
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2004 13:36:17 +0100
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Quoting Dirk Olmes <address@hidden>:

Hello Dirk,

> I just wanted to let everybody know that there's a new version of Zipper
> available. The new version can handle .rar archive and has a preferences
> panel for setting the paths to the executables that are used for
> decompression.

I tested it and it works fine here... but I have a couple of 
suggestions/remarks/bugs :

- it would be great to provide DND for extracting files ! :-)
- The first time I opened an archive, Zipper rightly tell me that I didn't had
  set the paths for tar/unzip/rar, and displayed the preferences panel. But the
  problem is that it tried anyway to do something, and thus crashed because
  tar was still unset.
- you could perhaps try a few common locations for tar/unzip/rar to fill the 
  defaults preferences -- the user could always change it later.
- it would perhaps be interesting to have another view in addition of the
  current one, where archive structure would be displayed using an NSOutlineView
- could an integration via a plugin in GWorkspace be possible ? I'm thinking
  of an inspector..

Else, I was also interested by ObjcUnit, and got your version. There was a
problem with headers included, but adding some -I and some ln -s managed to
resolve that -- so was able to compile and install it. 
The problem now is that neither ObjcUnit tests nor yours seems to know where to
look for ObjcUnit headers ...
I don't know much about frameworks, but something seems wrong.

Nicolas Roard

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