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Re: Printing Postscript Data

From: stefan
Subject: Re: Printing Postscript Data
Date: Sun, 8 Aug 2004 22:45:56 +0200 (CEST)
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> I was talking to alexm on this iirc.  Looks like all you really need to
> do is utilize DPSPrintf in your view's drawRect:

Hmm, interesting. I'll look at this. But i don't know if it's possible to
the postscript header this way. As far as i understand, a view's drawRect
method is responsible for printing a page of a document (in a document
based architecture). I looked into the source and found the postscript
header and footer are produced by the AppKit classes. The postscript
produced by xpdf requires some declarations (macros, fonts) in the postscript
header. Do you know if there are any methods in NSView that could be
to produce a custom header?

Btw: re-implementing xpdf in GNUstep would be really hard work. There was
a version that used AppKit for drawing before but i dropped it because a new
xpdf release made things much easier without going through AppKit.
in GNUstep would also de-couple PDFKit from xdpf and this PDFKit could not
leverage from xpdf improvements (at least not without some effort).

Another possibility would be to extend xpdf to produce postscript code that
could be used with the DPSPrintf operation.

However, I think I'll try to go the DPSPrintf way first and see how far it


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