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RE: [Cocoa-sharp] Cocoa# and GNUstep

From: Urs Muff
Subject: RE: [Cocoa-sharp] Cocoa# and GNUstep
Date: Sat, 14 Aug 2004 10:00:11 -0600

Hi Gregory,

I totally agree with you!  I was using GNUstep on my XP box for a short
while to make sure stuff compiles for the Objc# project that I was working
on.  The Objc# project is a complement to the Cocoa# project.  Cocoa# is
intended to give Cocoa API to .Net, making it possible to write a Cocoa app
100% in a .Net language, like C#.  The Objc# project allows the integration
of an existing .Net assembly (with no changes to it) to be called from
Objective-C.  This allows writing an app/UI in Objective-C and has some
other business parts in portable .Net format.

We don't use any special features of the Mac OS X platform as far as I know,
and it should be quite possible to make the Cocoa# project to work on
GNUstep.  Fill free to look @ the source code and send patches to this list
('cvs diff -u' format is preferred).

As a precondition you need mono 1.0 or later.

Let us know how we can assist you.  We hang out on the GimpNet IRC channel

address@hidden  - X6360
+1 (303) 894 3360


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> Subject: [Cocoa-sharp] Cocoa# and GNUstep
> All,
> I was suprised at first to see the Cocoa# effort mentioned on Slashdot
> and,
> until then, I was unaware of it.   I am a member of the GNUstep
> development
> team and, as such, find anything involving Cocoa/OpenStep to be extremely
> interesting.
> I believe that it would be to the mutual advantage of GNUstep and the
> Cocoa#
> team for Cocoa# to keep GNUstep in mind.   GNUstep is an implementation of
> the
> Cocoa framework and is currently available on a wide variety of platforms,
> please see http://www.gnustep.org/information/machines_toc.html for a
> complete
> list.
> Leveraging GNUstep in Cocoa# would give your users access to a wider
> variety of
> platforms on which they can develop and deploy their applications.
> Thanks, GJC
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