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[Cocoa|GNU|Open]Step conference thing - oh dear :-(

From: Graham J Lee
Subject: [Cocoa|GNU|Open]Step conference thing - oh dear :-(
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2004 21:11:54 +0100


You probably remember that I posted to this list a while back about organising a meet-up for people interested in OpenStep and related/derived techs. to be held in Oxford for the 10th anniversary of OpenStep's publication. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like it is to be[*] :-(. I've tried contacting a number of departments, user groups etc. in Oxford to get a venue, and the only replies I've had have been negative. The problems are manifold: not least, the date is very shortly after the start of the University's academic year; also the idea was only mooted at the end of May and that's a surprisingly short time to organise something like this, especially when I had to finish a degree, move house twice and apply for and move into a job all during this time.

So, sorry people, but I've failed :(. If anyone here has superior organisational skills, then 2006-02-26 is [i]further away, [ii]the 15th anniversary of the debut of WorldWideWeb on the 'Cube :-)

[*]Cries of "Told you so" from the back.


Graham [off to get incredibly sober in a brewery, no doubt ;-)].
Graham Lee
UNIX Systems Manager

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