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Re: GWorkSpace: U(n)mount

From: Enrico Sersale
Subject: Re: GWorkSpace: U(n)mount
Date: Sun, 02 Apr 2006 19:37:01 +0300

On 2006-03-27 15:20:51 +0300 address@hidden wrote:

Dear Community,

I have a problem that I'm too stupid to solve - even with the help of
Dennis Leeuw's the beautiful GWorkspace guide; that is how to 'graphically
unmount/unload' an external volume like a USB-drive/-stick or even a CD/DVD
or floppy.

Do you have a suggestion?
[I am capable of doing so in a shell, of course :-), but I'm
asking in the light of bringing OPENSTEP back to our users
under Linux, thus potentially avoiding a command line (by them).]

Now, with OPENSTEP, when you 'activate' a WorkspaceManager window showing
the directory/files of a mounted device, the 'eject'-(sub-)menu in 'Disk'
becomes elegible and is doing that, unmounting the filesystem and possibly
ejecting the medium.

With GWorkspace, once I've configured the paths to watch over, when I'm
using Command-E, it does mount the device and display a window with its
content. But how do I get rid of the device after usage?
And since this action applies to all(!) of these paths, how to handle
a single device to get rid of?

Or is there an (u(n))mounter.app, that I didn't discover?

In the age of omnipresent USB-storage devices, Firewire-drives (and not
to forget our floppies and CDs/DVDs), we do need a way of handling them
comfortably, I think.

Thank you for reading this and any sensible advice,
Ruediger Oberhage

If you are using the GWorkspace Dock (Tools->Show Desktop), you can simply put 
the disk icon in the Recycler.

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