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Re: Window problem: avoid the GDNC console window

From: Richard Frith-Macdonald
Subject: Re: Window problem: avoid the GDNC console window
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2006 15:35:00 +0100

On 5 Apr 2006, at 04:55, Lloyd Dupont wrote:

Every now and again (basically mainly when I create an NSTextAttachment of Image type) I get a GDNC console window which pops-up over my application, i.e. a black and white DOS console without prompt and titled "GDNC" appears over my application.

Ideally you would locate the bug causing this to happen, and fix it. What can cause a DOS console to appear? GDNC is a non-gui application launched as a child task ... so nothing should make it appear as a window ... it doesn't have one. I suspect some bug in your code or in the windows backend for the gui is triggering some windows specific feature to get the subtask displayed in a window. just launching gdnc separately (so it's not a child of your application) might prevent this from happening ... but what really needs to be done is identifying how/why this is caused, since presumably it could happen t *any* task launched as a child of the application.

I would like to remove this: Awfull, Invasive, Irritating and Most Importantly: USER CONFUSING windows.

Yes please.

Now someone told me about a hack I have to write somewhere to avoid it. I didn't pay attention at the time to the fact that every time I SVN update the hack would be deleted.... and I forgot to write it somewhere along the TODO every time I SVN update.

Could someone kindly remind me what I should hack to launch (this apparently useless...) window?

Note: I'm not runnning an NSAppplication (one is instantiated as it was apparently needed to use NSFont, but I'm writing a .NET app and GNUstep is used only for "data storage")

You can disable the workspace notifcation center ... but that probably just hides this particular case of a more general bug in your code or in the windows backend (or possibly in the NSTask code) ... much better to find out the real cause and fix it.

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