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libid3 and GNUStep

From: Charles Philip Chan
Subject: libid3 and GNUStep
Date: Tue, 06 Jun 2006 00:47:21 -0400

Hello all:

Have anyone have any success in using libid3 with their app? I have 
finished the initial id3 tags support in my SGContent Inpector (Vorbis 
tag is done). However, I have trouble compiling it- it keeps saying 
that the ID3 structure have been redefined in id3.h. The problem seems 
to be this line:

void (*processor)(ID3 *info, const char *name, const char *ptr, size_t 

in the structure. I am using the id3Tag framework right now, but it is 
rather unstable (crashes on certain mp3's).

Any help is appreciated.


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(By Pete Ehlke in comp.unix.aix)

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