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How to use Hans Boehm GC with GNUstep?

From: Lloyd Dupont
Subject: How to use Hans Boehm GC with GNUstep?
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2006 00:47:50 +1000

I was led to believe that even though it was not well test, it should compile with Boehm GC.
Although I asked many times I had exactly one answer on "how to compile with Boehm GC" and it was:
"make gc=yes"
(and google found nothing at all)
So I'm trying that today.
libobjc issued a few warning and didn't link, but by stripping out a few useless library from the link command make it succeed (I know the final command, thanks to 'make -n').
now I'm trying to build libgnustp-base.
I was told I should and, anyway, my program crashed if I simply replace libobjc.
so I'm trying to rebuild libgnustep-base
make clean
make gc=yes
it doesn't compile at all.
it fails utterly while build GSNextRuntime.m
which is not build in normal mode.
After looking at the GNUmakefile it's because of:
ifneq ($(OBJC_RUNTIME_LIB), gnu)
Additions_OBJC_FILES += GSNextRuntime.m
ifneq ($(FOUNDATION_LIB), gnu)
Additions_OBJC_FILES += GSCompatibility.m
Additions_OBJC_FILES += Unicode.m
eek..... why is 'gc=yes' changing the environment / make variable: OBJC_RUNTIME_LIB ?
looks like a nasty incompatibilities which might break many many files....
I tried
find . -name "*make*" -exec grep OBJC_RUNTIME_LIB {} \;
but nowehere this variable is set, it's just read....
any tips?

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