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ANN: IMImage Inspector

From: Charles Philip Chan
Subject: ANN: IMImage Inspector
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 12:02:27 -0400

I am please to announce the release of my IMImage Inspector.

* What is it?

An image Inspector for GWorkspace.app to preview many types of 
graphics formats not supported by NSImage utilizing Image Magick. The 
following graphics formats are currently supported: art, bmp, cgm, 
eps, fig, fpx, hpgl, ico, miff, mng, mvg, pbm, pcd, pcl, pcx, pgm, 
pict, pix, pnm, ppm, psd, rla, rle, svg, tga, wmf, wpg, xbm, xcf, xpm, 
and xwd. It can also be used to preview Type 1 and Truetype fonts.

* Requirements

(1) Image Magick

(2) Ghostscript (for eps preview)

* Where to get it


I would like to thank Erico Sersale for testing and fixing some bugs.


printk(" Speed now 1x");        /* Pull my finger! */

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