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Re: Camaelon <-> GNUstep

From: Nicolas Roard
Subject: Re: Camaelon <-> GNUstep
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2006 13:13:06 +0100

On 8/25/06, Markus Hitter <address@hidden> wrote:

Am 25.08.2006 um 11:16 schrieb Marc Brünink:

> So I highly advocate to sync Camaelon into GNUstep.

Doing a few steps to make GNUstep a full fledged desktop environment
is definitely a good idea. Having themeability appears to be a must
these days and doesn't necessarily clutter the codebase. Together
with the cairo backend and a well designed OS this could become a
refreshing alternative to all this Gnome/KDE/Mac OS X bloat.

Completely agree ;-)
For camaelon, as Richard said, I wanted to rework things out... and
since then I really didn't have time. I did commit a few Camaelon
stuff in the theme branch on the svn repository 2-3 months ago, pretty
basic things. But I have a big deadline keeping me busy at the moment,
and it's been at least a couple of months since my last
gnustep-related coding. I hope to be able to work again on
gnustep/étoilé in a couple of weeks.. :-/

How do the Etoilé people think about getting their work "borrowed"?

What do you mean ?..

Nicolas Roard
"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly
by." -- Douglas Adams

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