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Re: Camaelon <-> GNUstep

From: Tenzin
Subject: Re: Camaelon <-> GNUstep
Date: 28 Aug 2006 12:13:09 -0700
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Hi Marc,

"Actually Camaelon fixes one of the three things I really hate about
 GNUstep. I will express it in 4 tiny letters: G R E Y"

Hi, not a yell, but, GNUstep has been colour configurable for a long
time, as has WindowMaker. Please see the following screenshots from my
system, without Camaelon.

http://synthesis.dyndns.org/gui/SolarishStep.jpg and

Earlier this year I tried to make a few Camaelon themes to match
various classic UI, including Solaris and Irix,) hence the colours in
UIGSColors.png) but work and personal life got in my way. If no-one
else does this before me, at some point I'll resume.


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