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Re: GWorkspace ddbd problem

From: Andreas Höschler
Subject: Re: GWorkspace ddbd problem
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2006 17:38:21 +0200

Hello all,

Respondingto my own question. I had a dubios rm -rf $GNUSTEP_USER_ROOT/Library/ddbd in my home dir. After removing this direcctory, GWorkspace came up with no problem. In Preferences I said to use thumbnails. Is this supposed to show small icons for each file in the browse rlike on MAcOSX? if so this does not work or me. I am starting the whole system with

exec /opt/GNUstep/System/Tools/etoile_system

in /etc/dt/config/Xinitrc.CSWazalea now. EtoileMenuServer.app comes up a presents this very beautiful (Mac like) menu bar. However, the menu of GWorkspace is still a vertical one. Is there some way to get that into the menu bar? My settigs for GSAppKitUserBundles are

NSGlobalDomain GSAppKitUserBundles '(

and I hoped this would do the trick, but it does not. If I use

defaults write NSGlobalDomain GSAppKitUserBundles '("/opt/GNUstep/System/Library/Bundles/Camaelon.themeEngine", "/Library/SmartObjects/Bundles/WildMenus.themeEngine")'

then I get a horizontal menu, but WildMenus covers the EtoileMenu completely. I guess I should not use WildMenus.themeEngine anymore. What am I missing?

Thanks a lot!



I have just installed GWorkspace on a Solaris 10 box as follows:

svn co http://svn.gna.org/svn/gnustep/apps/systempreferences/trunk systempreferences
cd systempreferences
cd PreferencePanes
make install
cd ..
cd SystemPreferences
make install
cd ..
cd Modules

On Solaris this gets us "error: `INT_MAX' undeclared...". We can fix this by adding limits_iso.h to the file that causes the error.

pico ./Defaults/Defaults.m
+ #include <iso/limits_iso.h>

make install

svn co http://svn.gna.org/svn/gnustep/apps/gworkspace/trunk gworkspace
cd gworkspace
make install

When I start GWorkspace a finder window appears and then a panel in the center of the screen

starting: ddbd

with a progress bar that stays at 10%. With prstat -s size -n 5 I can see that ddbd consumes more and more memory. When it reaches 235MByte after 10s GWorkspace collapses and even Terminal.app from which I started GWorkspace dies.

Any ideas?


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