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Re: The need for an official GNUstep desktop

From: Rogelio M. Serrano Jr.
Subject: Re: The need for an official GNUstep desktop
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006 09:03:28 +0800
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Pete French wrote:
>> WindowMaker and GSWorkspace are good start, but I desktop goes a  
>> little bit further.
> One of the things which has begun to worry me recently is the fact that
> WindowMaker seems to be becomming a bit of a dead end. It's our "official"
> window manager isn't it ? Yet it still doesnt work right in 64 bit mode,
> and the development lists seem very dead (aside from the recnt flurry of
> people wanting to fork off something).
> One upon a time I am sure there was a bundle someone made for GNUStep
> which enabled any application to act as a window manager. It would be very
> nice if such a thing could be incorporated into GSWorkspace so I
> could have an entirely GNUStep system - and as a bonus it would quit
> when GSWorkspace exitted just like nextStep used to.
> Is the bundle still around, and is this a practical thing to think
> of doing ?
> -bat. [still unable to run entirely 64 bit due to Windowmaker]

A new window manager needs to be written but then again its just a very
big job. Im more inclined to simplify the desktop and build something
that can evolve while still being useful in the immediate term.

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1. it takes more than a second to boot up
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4. does not remember all changes i have ever made
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