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Re: The need for an official GNUstep desktop

From: Rogelio M. Serrano Jr.
Subject: Re: The need for an official GNUstep desktop
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006 08:56:53 +0800
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Adrian Robert wrote:
> On Aug 27, 2006, at 3:23 PM, Gregory John Casamento wrote:
>> All,
>> All of this discussion on the list has made my consider that GNUstep
>> needs to resolve this confusion once and for all.�� Are we a desktop
>> or a development environment?�� I believe that we can, and should, be
>> both.�� One of the steps we need to take towards doing this is the
>> creation of another project which will be the official GNUstep desktop.
>> Up until now we've had 4 or 5 projects playing at being the official
>> desktop in an effort to fill the void.
>> I believe that all of this is senseless duplication and that what we
>> need is a *coordinated* effort towards making a cohesive and
>> attractive GNUstep desktop environment.�� We need to focus on what
>> will make an exciting and easy experience for both users and
>> developers.� Whether it is done in the same repository as GNUstep or
>> in a separate one, that's up for debug.
>> Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas on the above?
> We need a project that will pull together existing efforts, create an
> easy installation/update environment, and encourage effort towards
> helping out on existing apps.  Because those existing apps really do a
> tremendous job of covering many desktop needs:
> GWorkspace + appwrappers
> Terminal
> TextEdit
> GNUMail
> TalkSoup
> Emacs
> Cynthiune
> (PDF Viewer)
> (Image Viewer)
> (various games, miscellaneous)
> (Preferences?)
> (and more: http://www.gnustep.org/experience/apps.html)

Im sorry but i think this is all too complicated. Cant we find a way to
simplify and and unify some of this applications? Or just go for some
form of document centric system?

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