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Re: Thoughts triggered by these NeXTbuntu guys

From: Jeremy Tregunna
Subject: Re: Thoughts triggered by these NeXTbuntu guys
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2006 18:42:34 -0400

On 06-08-31, at 17:34, Riccardo wrote:

GNUstep is *not* at this time anywhere near complete as a desktop environment. To be there, you need working packages for all platforms, you need a GWorkspace that comes configured out of the box and is easy to use, you need mail packaged and included, and you need a web browser. EToile has made big strides in this area. GNUstep + Etoile is nearly usable!

I think the term desktop environment is fuzzy and clearly overrated. APart from KDE and GNOME which are total bloat and kitchen sink, various environment differ from what they offer and are much less comprehensive, especially at the beginning.

One thing I never understood was how people use the term "bloat." It seems to not apply to lots of features that nobody uses anymore, but to lots of features, even if they're useful and many people use them; which is just silly in my opinion.

Even XFCE, a pretty common environment, let's say the 3rd big usually found in linux, doesn't have stuff like a mailer or a browser, you use third party stuff. A windowmanager, a set of preferences, a bunch of utilities, a dock and a terminal is what it started with. Now it has a filemanager, which I don't like but exists.

Never underestimate consistency as a powerful element to overall desktop enjoyment. Having to use third party tools with a different look and feel degrades the overall experience in my opinion.

Jeremy Tregunna

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