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Re: Drag & Drop Problem

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: Re: Drag & Drop Problem
Date: Thu, 01 Nov 2007 13:02:36 +0100
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I tried to reproduce this problem with NSImageView and after removing
the check for ([sender draggingSource] != self) in draggingEntered: it
is possible to drag onto the same view.

This means it isn't a general problem in GNUstep. Either it is related
to you specific class or NSDragOperationLink isn't correctly propagated
(which would surprise me with current GNUstep code).

I will need more information from your side to make any further progress.


Andreas Höschler wrote:
>> Are you referring to the same view that started the drag? It is possible
>> that GNUstep excludes this view from getting drag notifications.
>> If you mean another view, is it in the same application, same window?
>> Is this the first time you use drag&drop and if nto, what is the
>> difference?
> Yes, I am referring to the same view/window. It is a caalendar view and
> the drag and drop is supposed to move appointments from one day to
> another. This works on MacOSX. Does the spec say the originating view
> should be excluded?
> I also realized problems while dragging from this calendar view to
> another view/window but haven't had time to dig into that any further.
> The weird thing is, I can drag to these two views from even another
> view/window (tableview) without problems. :-(
> All is the same application and everything works fine on MacOSX. I will
> investigat ethe second case further, but IMHO there should be a way to
> avoid the exclusion (dragging within a view).

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