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Re: Objective-C 2.0 and other new features in Leopard

From: Richard Frith-Macdonald
Subject: Re: Objective-C 2.0 and other new features in Leopard
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2007 14:31:19 +0000

On 13 Nov 2007, at 14:02, Stefan Bidigaray wrote:

On Nov 13, 2007 2:14 AM, Richard Frith-Macdonald <address@hidden> wrote:
Actually, the current code (since about 18 months ... before the
1.13.0 release) already allows you to set up system-wide defaults by
putting them in the GNUstep.conf file (and/or on a per-user basis by
putting them in the user's GNUstep.conf file).
However, the defaults added there are limited by the parsing rules of
that file (which is sourced by /bin/sh and make) so you can
occasionally have a situation where an app uses a default name which
can't be configured that way.

Hmm, this seems promising! Is there any documentation on how to get this set? Seeing as most distros would only need to set NSGlobalDomain defaults (for things such as NSInterfaceStyle, NSMeasurementUnit, etc) I think this is already very powerful, and useful.

It's documented (poorly I guess) in the main base library documentation (Base.gsdoc/Base.html) under the docmentation of the gNUstep.conf file.

Basically ...


Says we have two extra keys to go in the defaults system ... foo and bar


Defines the values for those two extra keys.

Actually, another limitation is that these keys can only be strings ... so we really ought to implement a fully functional global defaults mechanism ... but really that's quite simple, we could just have GNUstep.conf specify a property list file (eg GNUstep.plist) stored in the same location as GNUstep.conf and parse that at the same time as parsing the GNUstep.conf

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