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Re: GNUstep slogan - discussion and voting

From: Lars Sonchocky-Helldorf
Subject: Re: GNUstep slogan - discussion and voting
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2007 21:00:16 +0100

Am 16.11.2007 um 12:26 schrieb Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller:

Well, that does not fulfill all criteria for a good slogan: it does
not describe a benefit for someone (contrary to "making your users

It is just a descriptive claim statement - and you may simply agree or
disagree and discuss hours about it.

There's a difference between Nokia (to stay with your example) and GNUstep: Everybody knows what Nokia is (a rubber boot manufacturer, right ;-)) but GNUstep has not that mindshare (yet). So the purpose of a slogan for Nokia is different to the purpose of a slogan for us: Nokia wants to improve its public image while we try to get into the heads at all, try to straighten some common misconceptions about GNUstep.

Nokia has used this slogan (tagline) since 15 years to get into our heads and straighten the misconception that they make rubber boots...

o.k. but then again it's also a kind of a descriptive claim statement: "We at nokia are 'connecting people', since you don't do that using rubber boots you should understand that we are now in the communication business."

So I think a descriptive claim statement is exactly what we need at the moment, some "feel good" statement can follow up later when we don't need to explain any longer what GNUstep is. (Try it for yourself: Tell some computer related people that you are involved into GNUstep. You surely get the reply: "GNUstep - what's that?").

... and then, you start to smile (because you know yourself "GNUstep - makes your users smile") and reply (with a smile in your face) that GNUstep is the greatest thing on world they never have heared of.

This would only happen if someone already uses GNUstep - not if he only heard or read about it some minutes (or longer) ago. Software is more abstract than a mobile handset and this is even more true for software created for developing software with (dev tools and frameworks).

So we need to tell people what GNUstep is, associate the word GNUstep with "development tools and frameworks".

If you smile (emotion) when giving your answer it is very convincing to others.

So let's not do the second step before the first one.

The "feel good with" is the only purpose of a brand building effort. Psychologists have found that we can much better remember anything if it is emotionally biased. Anyone who is interested in facts can already read the "what it is" on the tons of web pages we already have.

people - the hoi polloi ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hoi_polloi ) that is - are generally ignorant. They make their mind up about something whether they really know it or not. look at the lengthy discussions on slashdot after every GNUstep article - and how full of missinformation they are.

And the first lesson for potential GNUsteppers is that they simply remember that "GNUstep" exists. "What it is" is the second step.

How did Nokia come to their 99% mind-share? Because they did the second step first. Nokia did have their "connecting people" right from the beginning, just after they decided to no longer make rubber but to connect people ( In this document from 2001 they say that they have already used this tagline for a long time: http:// press.nokia.com/PR/200111/840959_5.html ).

When someone asked 15 years ago (when nobody did know much about mobile phones) "who is Nokia?" they said: "Nokia is a leader in mobile communications and connecting people to people." Then, one thinks: oh, great, they do something with benefit for real people. They care about us. And they are obviously proud of doing it. This must be good and the future.

If they would have said: "Nokia is a maker of mobile phones in Finland with 30 keys and 50cm antenna", then people would have thought:
- what do I need a mobile phone for?
- can they do that in Finland at all?
- isn't this expensive?
- why doesn't it have 31 keys?
- etc.?

Might be true, but never forget the amount of money which was put into that campaign so that finally everybody has learned through endless repetitions on all channels that "nokia connects people".

Maybe we find a compromise, something that tells facts and makes people curios at the same time. I liked the proposal of markjoel60, because it also mentions NeXT:

"GNUstep - For every developer who's ever asked: What's Next?"




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