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Re: Questions about GNUstep Startup

From: Truls Becken
Subject: Re: Questions about GNUstep Startup
Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2007 09:05:48 +0100

TMC wrote:
> I am trying to understand GNUstep Startup better. It is like a metapackage,
> right? It just downloads and installs the necessary packages. In that case,
> I think we ought to remove the individual packages from the repositories;
> the packagers need only maintain Startup. Also that would be a good way to
> consolidate all the knowledge in the platform-specific build guides.

Startup doesn't download anything, it contains copies of all the other
tar.gz files. Also, I don't think it is suitable for use when building
packages for a distro. It is better to keep the parts separate so they
may be updated individually. For a package manager, a "metapackage"
normally means a package with no content that depends on the actual
packages to install. One would not use Startup for that.

Please note that I have never used Startup myself, but the way I see
it, it's mainly a script that takes care of installing five or six
source tarballs with a single command. This is for individuals that
want to download one file and install it on a system where GNUstep is
not available from a repository. For which it is great, and a
tremendous time saver. It is currently not as flexible as configuring
the individual parts, though. It doesn't support different filesystem
layouts, for instance.


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