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Re: Tasks for GNUstep going forward...

From: Jens Ayton
Subject: Re: Tasks for GNUstep going forward...
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2007 12:19:37 +0100

address@hidden wrote:

Just following on from the forum software, phpbb seems quite feature
rich. But what I wanted to talk about was their website. It's very

I did have several phpBB2 fora in operation until I had to shut them
down unfortunately. There are robots out there that automatically scan
for phpBB2 systems and firstly spam user registration and then the
boards with inappropriate messages. Unfortunately, I was not able to
close the holes they came in.

I had the same problem with the phpBB 2 board I run, until I installed reCAPTCHA (http://recaptcha.net/). Since then, we get less than one functioning spambot account per month (as opposed to several, up to a dozen, a day). That said, phpBB 2 is an infamously badly-designed piece of software, so I can’t say I recommend it. I know nothing of phpBB 3.

Jens Ayton

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