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Re: Simple Web Kit status

From: Riccardo
Subject: Re: Simple Web Kit status
Date: Sat, 09 Feb 2008 19:10:45 +0100
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Any idea of when we can expect to see an initial release?  From your
description it sounds like we're ready for at least an alpha release. Not a lot of regular users like using SVN (I say this because I'm one of them).
Well I sort of expected such a question, but first of all SWK will currently compile only against SVN GNUstep, this is why I didn't release any beta tarballs to people, since it won't compile. Also there are still some problems because on some platforms I have I get bad crashes but not on others. If you don't run SVN you can run nightly tarballs, You find both core and dev-libs, were simplewebkit is.

All in all, this is great! Even if SWK does not load CSS and JS, at least we can now browse the internet using native GNUstep apps. I once spent a really long time using Dillo, seems SWK is where it's rendering engine is,
which is just great!
As much as I am a fan of it, I can't use it for regular browsing myself. We lacked history up to yesterday (and I couldn't test it yet on GNUstep for some silly reasons probably). But maybe the other limiting factor is lack of form action handling, you can't use any search engine because of that...

I will make a Vespucci release only when there is a SWK release. Either can be "beta" but it needs a bit more polish. You can't imagine how much people complain even for the silliest things, even if it is stated that everything is just little more than a technology preview.


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