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Re: framework

From: Saso Kiselkov
Subject: Re: framework
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 2009 12:22:11 +0200
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Hi Thomas,

How about you just set up a project on gna.org, sourceforge.net, savannah.nongnu.org, or some other similar open-source/free-software project hosting service. They should provide you with everything you need. After that, all you need to do is write to the gnustep mailing lists to have you app/framework added in the various GNUstep software listing efforts (GAP, etc.).

Thomas Gamper wrote:

I have a bunch of questions. For my master thesis I developed a neat realtime rendering framework using GNUstep and OpenGL. I would like to release it to the community, but I would need some space where to put it. I do have webspace here at university, but I would like to place it somewhere "near" Gnustep for download. Any ideas, suggestions? Furthermore it would be cool if I could put the stuff in some svn repository online. Again, I have a svn repository, but here at university. Ideas, suggestions? Another concern of mine is licensing, I do use some extern libraries, and I think those could mess things up, especially NVIDIA Cg. I would like to remove the need for Cg from my code, since it's horribly broken anyway. But first I would like to have a svn repository somewhere :)
Two images, which show a project I have done for university using my
framework. It's a 2D fluid simulation running completely on the GPU.


403 Forbidden on both of them.



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