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Re: URGENT: Problem with PROJECTCENTER tool

From: Riccardo Mottola
Subject: Re: URGENT: Problem with PROJECTCENTER tool
Date: Wed, 09 Sep 2009 01:41:32 +0200
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Jaideep Chakravorty wrote:

I am a new comer to the world of GNUstep. I am encountering an error message
while trying to build my first app through Project Center GUI. Attached is
the screen shot of the error message. Details are given below:

Earlier, I had downloaded and installed the latest GNUstep_System (v 23),
GNUstep_Core (v 23.1) and GNUstep_devel (v 1.0) in this order, in my Windows
XP system.

I run GNUstep on windows 2k and XP and I can build safely. Only later you will discover that currenlty ProjectCenter has a problem when launching the executable (but launching from the command line will work).
I had downloaded some sample apps and was successfully able to build them
from the Shell prompt. Next I had downloaded Project Center (0.5.0) source
and successfully built it from the Shell prompt.The problem started when I
tried to build a sample app from the Project Center GUI. The error messages
indicate that the Project Center build environment is not able to probably
map the variable "GNUSTEP_MAKEFILES" variable properly, Because the line
numbers of the error messages from GNUMakefile indicate that
GNUSTEP_MAKEFILES variable is not pointing to the correct path where
"common.make", "aggregate.make" and "application.make" exists.

I have already checked that these files ("common.make", "aggregate.make" and
"application.make") exists in my GNUStep install directory at:

The only problem is that I don't yet know where exactly to check the
contents of the variable "GNUSTEP_MAKEFILES", and to set it correctly ?

Also, I am able to build this UI app successfully from the Shell prompt.

ProjectCenter creates regular gnustep-make makefiles. So you can compile ftom the shell any program you like. If not, something else is working incorrectly.
Please let me know if I am making an mistake somewhere, and advise.

Please try the current ProjectCenter version. It has an option to set the make executable, which will be of use for you. You need to select "make.exe".

Be aware that the current PC will convert your old PC.project file in a new format which is a bundle, similar to ProjectBuilder/Xcode

You can get the current code here:



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