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Re: Cross Platform GNUStep GUI with Native Look-And-Feel

From: aditya siram
Subject: Re: Cross Platform GNUStep GUI with Native Look-And-Feel
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2011 10:37:58 -0500

Thanks for your quick response.

Is there a tutorial showing how to build a GNUstep application using
the GTK or Windows theme? I realize they are not done, but if they
work even halfway well I'd be interested in using them.


On Fri, Jul 15, 2011 at 10:31 AM, Riccardo Mottola
<address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi Deech,
> the trick is that there is no code involved!
> Graphos, for example is perfectly native on Mac, the same is true for Grr
> and GShisen.
> The way this is accomplished is that there are
> * two different "projects" one for ProjecectCenter (with makefiles) and one
> for XCode
> * two different interface sets: Gorm files and NIB files (this is not
> necessary for apps which do not use interface files but code the interface.
> Also you can use NIBs in GNustep but they don't look perfect and native, so
> this is the most expensive but most "perfect" approach)
> * the code base is about 100% the same. The small differences are handled
> with #ifdefs in the applications which need that
> The effect is that when you build on Mac you build with Xcode and have a
> true mac app.
> On Linux and Windows, your application will have the default GNUstep theme
> (which essentially matches WindowMaker)
> To make the GNUstep application feel at home in Windows or GNOME (or other
> environments) you need a Theme. Currently themes for Windows and GNOME are
> work in progress.
> These themes handle the native bits for all applications and they are not
> needed in the application.
> Riccardo
> On 07/15/11 17:03, aditya siram wrote:
>> I am interested in GNUStep mainly as cross-platform toolkit that looks
>> good on Windows, Linux (Gnome and WindowMaker) and Mac.
>> In order to find examples of a single code-base using different themes
>> I have downloaded the source for a number of cross-platform
>> applications:
>> GraphOS, Grr, GShisen, Gemas
>> However it is not apparent to me where to look for the code that deals
>> with different platforms. For example how would I build an executable
>> for Windows or Gnome using the source? I would appreciate if someone
>> could point me to a file in any of these application where is
>> different GUI behavior invoked based on platform.
>> Thanks for all your help.
>> -deech

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