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Re: Cross Platform GNUStep GUI with Native Look-And-Feel

From: Riccardo Mottola
Subject: Re: Cross Platform GNUStep GUI with Native Look-And-Feel
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2011 17:50:46 +0200
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as far as I know, there is no tutorial around on how to "package" an application in a self-contained package containing gnustep and the theme.

However, to test the look and see how well the certain application works, install GNUstep in the most common way on that platform. Get the theme and install it. (make install should be enough, but you can drag it into Library/Themes, either of the System, Local or even your own User domain)

The themes are available in our modules under plugins/themes:
"GnomeTheme" and "WinUXTheme"

You can set the theme system-wide with system preferences and the themes module.

You can also start your application, go in the info panel, click on the "theme" link and a selectionpanel will appear. Once you set it, it will be set only for that specific application.

(At the end, both procedures just write a default, one in the global domain, one for the app domain).

Please bear in mind that while dynamic theme switching is in theory supported, themes with "native" resources as menus, etc.. might not load/unload properly. Restart your application.


On 07/15/11 17:37, aditya siram wrote:
Thanks for your quick response.

Is there a tutorial showing how to build a GNUstep application using
the GTK or Windows theme? I realize they are not done, but if they
work even halfway well I'd be interested in using them.


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