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Re: Are you interested in getting started writing ObjC, and making a use

From: Y.C Cheng
Subject: Re: Are you interested in getting started writing ObjC, and making a useful contribution to GNUstep?
Date: Mon, 6 Feb 2012 16:16:06 +0800


I am interested. I write programs for iPhone and I am interested to
contribute. I think I should install the most update code base from
SVN and then tring to code, am I right ?

Y.C Cheng

2012/2/6 Richard Frith-Macdonald <rfm@gnu.org>:
> While I was at FOSDEM this weekend, I was asked if I had implemented the 
> NSOrderedSet class (from OSX Lion) in the latest GNUstep-base release (the 
> one Adam Fedor kindly made just in time for FOSDEM last Friday).
> The answer is no ... I haven't, but it occurred to me that it would be an 
> ideal job for a newcomer to ObjC who would like to get involved in GNUstep 
> coding ...
> It's something that would be clearly useful (it's already been asked for).
> The job is not too hard (there's a natural implementation of an ordered set 
> by using the existing NSArray and NSSet classes).
> There's plenty of help (my advice, existing similar code in the base library 
> as an example etc).
> You get your name on a class in the base library :-)
> There are interesting key skills to be learned ...
> How to create the header file: it clearly has to define the same API as the 
> Apple header, but we must be as different as reasonably possible, to avoid 
> any possibility of being accused of copyright violation.
> How to write the actual implementation ... this will involve proxy objects 
> (Yay ... fun) and perhaps class cluster ideas as well as basic coding.
> Coding standards ... how to make your code fit in so anyone familiar with the 
> project can read it easily.
> Test cases ... how to use the test suite (hopefully really easy nowadays) ... 
> which gives you more chance to practice coding.
> Documentation ... how to put good comments into the header file so that class 
> documentation will be generated automatically.
> Any volunteers?
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