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How to compile for NSTextViewDelegate

From: Luis Garcia Alanis
Subject: How to compile for NSTextViewDelegate
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2013 01:42:16 -0800

Hello guys,

I am trying to compile a project to test NSTextViewDelegate using Project Center + Gorm.

Since Gorm does not include a proper NSTextView control I used a custom view and changed its class to NSTextView and that seemed to work.

However when I try to add the <NSTextViewDelegate> to my controller class I get a build error saying that NSTextViewDelegate is not found.

I went into the header file to find that its only available if:
So this means I need to add GS_API_LATEST to my project somehow or do I need to rebuild GNUStep with a special flag to enable GS_API_LATEST?


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