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Re: Quasado (developer of StageStack, a FreeHand replacement) considerin

From: Riccardo Mottola
Subject: Re: Quasado (developer of StageStack, a FreeHand replacement) considering opensource
Date: Thu, 06 Jun 2013 20:04:18 +0200
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Hi William,

On 06/06/13 18:37, William F. Adams wrote:
but needs developers.


I've wanted an opensource vector drawing program on GNUstep since I
had to switch from Altsys Virtuoso 2 to FreeHand v4.
What makes you think that Stagestack ahs to do something with Objective-C at all? I don't see a mention about it, atually there is a reference about GTK+ vs. QT.

Opensource is about contributing, btw... asking is sometime nice, since a developer could have missed a fine idea, but just open sourcing something is not a guarantee of anything. As you notice there, most people demand things, few people are ready to contribute with money and/or time and effort.

Btw, it is amusing that right those features mentioned missing (undo, save, CMYK) are already present in Graphos, thanks to our advanced AppKit. It misses perhaps all the rest, but, well, fine.

I also want a vector editor for GNUstep. I resuscitated one and work on it when I can. i wanted an image viewer to replace XV and GraphicConverter, I wrote one. I wanted a FTP client, I wrote one (and am working on new stuff right these evenings). Of course... few time, many projects means slow progress.

Have fun,


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